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At work for the global retail industry

The world of retail spins fast. Short life cycles and dramatic seasonal variations place extremely high demands on logistics requirements. Our global network ensures that you can always respond immediately to any new challenge.

Where speed, flexibility and efficiency are the key factors that the retail industry expects we we ensure your products find their way to boutiques and department stores all over the world through our fashion logistics, consumer goods retail distribution, eCommerce solutions, direct to consumer warehousing, merchandise displays and warranty returns/reverse logistics services.

When high demand for a product creates a rush order, DB Schenker’s global network can expedite your goods from any area of the world directly to your customer. This is why we work with you to develop a flexible supply management system that leaves you always ready to respond to new market requirements.

Whether you have a show stopping sample from Paris, or a container of the latest fast fashion from China, take advantage of our global network for air, ocean, land and rail freight to ensure that your items arrive at their final destination on time and in pristine condition.

We guarantee transparent and traceable stock levels and delivery routes for anyone using our services backed up a team of highly trained professional who can assist you in finding creative solutions to your logistics needs.

As one of the leading logistics/supply chain solution provider globally we can assist you in reducing your cost by optimizing the utilization of your space through our consolidation programs such as buyer consolidation and multi-country consolidation.

With our vast network of offices worldwide we can also assist you in consolidating your products from different suppliers in to a single shipment thereby reducing your cost of shipping anywhere in the world. At DB Schenker we believe in building long term partnerships with your suppliers to assist them in delivering the best quality of service to meet your specific needs.

Our collective experience can provide customized transportation and distribution solutions for your latest fashion line including:

  • Vendor management from factory floor to retail door
  • PO Management
  • GOH (Garments on Hangers)
  • VIP delivery with secure transportation and confidential service
  • Direct-to-store deliveries

Last modified: 28.01.2016

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