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Global expertise for your supply chain

DB SCHENKERnationaldistribution : For last mile delivery

Customers today expect a comprehensive service and a broad range of additional features designed to provide solutions to their transport needs.

Be it a package, pallet or container; high-priority delivery or a less urgent, competitively priced freight; direct complete load or consolidated shipment via hub or Multi-modal delivery: our customers can always count on the expertise of our over 140 years of global experience in the transport business.

And this is how Schenker India’s experience combines with the passion to form the perfect basis for a complex and/or yet transparent service for national distribution. With Schenker India our customers are able to control their nation-wide flow of material as precisely as any state in India; and thereby revealing new economic possibilities constantly, for any kind of transport requirements.

Schenker India National Distribution Capabilities

  • Land Transportation
  • Domestic Air Transportation
  • Rail Transportation
  • Milk-run concept for city and suburban deliveries
  • Trailer movements and ODC cargo handling
  • Reefer trucks and trailer movements
  • Primary distribution from port or factories
  • Secondary distribution to regional warehouses
  • Tertiary Deliveries from regional warehouses to end customers
  • Customized deliveries to OEMs and their production line-haul
  • Spares Distribution
  • Out of delivery area – delivery management
  • Transportation Documentation
  • Proof of Delivery Management
  • Octroi/Entry Tax Management
  • In Transit Cargo Insurance for High Value Shipments

Last modified: 19.03.2015

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