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Personal Particulars
Date of Birth


Other information

May we contact your employers? Current/Previous

Have you previously applied to us?

Are you related to any of our existing employees?

Is your exisitng employer a client of Schenker

Do you have an existing employment contract that binds you to them? (i.e. Are you required to pay them if you join us?):

Renumeration / Employment Date

I have / have not been suffering from any physical impairments or illness.

I have / have not been convicted for a criminal offence in a court of law.

I have / have not been put in a situation of financial embarrassment.

I declare that the information furnished in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I have not wilfully suppressed any fact(s). If any information given herein is subsequently found to be incorrect, incomplete or false, I render myself liable for dismissal. Any offer of employment, verbally or otherwise, will also be nullified.

I shall not hold the company responsible for any liability, demand, claim, suit, proceeding, cost and expenses of any nature arising from the release of such information as aforesaid.

I also authorise the company to submit the said information to any person, firm, corporation, body, bureau, Police or Government authority for the purpose of any investigation or verification which the company deems it necessary to make with reference to my employment, conduct or other details relevant to this application.


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